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10 Tips For Buying New Construction Homes

Are you thinking new for your next home?

Opting for new construction when you're buying a house has many benefits — it allows you to customize the look, feel, layout, and location of the home to suit your exact needs. But there are also unique challenges to purchasing a new construction home, whether you're searching for the right builder, deciding how to customize the home, or simply trying to make sure that everything stays on schedule. We've got 10 proven tips to help you create the new construction home of your dreams.

  1. Find the Right Real Estate Agent – Finding a trusted, experienced real estate agent is a good idea no matter what type of home you're buying, and it will go a long way toward helping you land the right new home. Look for an agent who has experience working with builders on new construction homes and a deep knowledge of the local market.

  2. Do Your Research on Builders – Some builders are fantastic, and some aren't. You want one of the good ones, so take the time to research builders, ask questions, and get referrals from trusted sources in your area.

  3. Become a Neighborhood Expert – Choosing the right neighborhood plays a huge part in your long-term satisfaction when buying a house, so you'll want to learn everything you can about your target neighborhoods. Research nearby amenities, attractions, services, school districts, and anything else that's important to you.

  4. Research Lenders – You may be able to obtain financing through the builder's lender, but it's a good idea to research other lenders to make sure you're getting the best terms. Look up lenders online, speak with your real estate agent, and find the right match.

  5. Mind the Model Home – Many builders offer model homes so that you can preview their work first-hand. While model homes can tell you some important things about a builder, remember that they often include upgrades that won't be present in every floor plan the builder offers.

  6. Research Floor Plans – Speaking of floor plans, you'll definitely want to do some research on the plans available from your builder. Review each plan thoroughly, and ask about customization options to tailor the home to your needs.

  7. Get It In Writing – Reputable builders back their promises with action, but it definitely doesn't hurt to get everything in writing. Mistakes can happen, and having promises in writing is your best defense when buying a house.

  8. Find Out What's Guaranteed – Your new home may come with a warranty, but remember that not every warranty is the same. Find out exactly what's guaranteed and for how long to avoid any unwelcome surprises.

  9. Creative Negotiations – There is often less negotiation about the overall price of a new home, but you can still negotiate to get the upgrades you desire included with favorable terms. Your real estate agent will be a great resource for these negotiations.

  10. Consider the Future – Remember that you're not just buying a home for now, so it's wise to consider what your home, neighborhood, and life needs will look like in the future. If a home matches your present and future needs, then you're probably on the right path.

While buying a new home does have its challenges, it can also be one of the most rewarding decisions for any home buyer. By taking your time, doing your research, and making informed decisions, you'll be ready to build the new home of your dreams.

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